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Be part of an ant colony and rush through the level to collect food.

  • Plant a pheromone scent to inform the other ants of food nearby.
  • Explore through different maze levels.
  • Find your way to the nest where the queen is waiting.
  • Adjust the speed at which the world runs.
  • Adjust the size of your colony.

Upcoming Update for Version 2:

More has been streamlined into this game allowing multiple colonies of ants that combat each other to extinct them. The red ants are enemies and the black ants belong to the player. The game will start with the player worker ant and another worker ant that will follow the player around the world. Each colony must forage for food and return back to the nest to either feed the queen or larvae to create more followers. The player can touch enemy ants to command the following ants to attack and thus attempt to destroy them. The queen is required to die before that particular colony is extinct. I expect to see more fleshed out details like this that make the game more competitive, enjoyable and realistic. Keep tuned.

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Published119 days ago
Tagsant-colony, forage
Player countSingleplayer

Install instructions

For any Android based device: Download and run to install and find it in your installed applications.


Ant Forage.apk (26 MB)

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