A downloadable game for Android

The game shows you random sequences of items which you have to remember and recall once shown. It is up to you to test how much you can remember to progress further and improve your memory.

The average human is capable of remembering 6 items with relative ease. Test yourself and try to exceed this. Let your friends know how much you can remember.


  • Multiple modes include letters, numbers, suits, animals, flags and emoticons.
  • Multiple animations including fly in and fade in.
  • Short term memory training.
  • Remember sequences of items.
  • Discover and improve your memory capacity.
  • Intuitive and fun playback animation.
  • Automatically record and restore your progress.
  • Unlimited restarts and retries.
  • Adjust settings.
  • View scores for all modes.
  • Sound effects.

YouTube Trailer https://youtu.be/qpAwGe_ZM3s

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Memory-Recall V1-R6.apk 19 MB

Also available on